Oral irrigator and Electric toothbrush ipx7 replacement brush head portable dental water flosser with 4 nozzles usb rechargeable




GeZhou Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Sonic Toothbrush 6 Mode Travel Toothbrush

1. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement, the brush head generates high-frequency vibration, which instantly breaks the toothpaste into fine foam and deeply cleans the teeth. At the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote the blood circulation in the mouth and massage the gingival tissue.

2. 2. 6 types of working modes are optional: White, clean,nurse,care,pulse,polish; These 5 modes have different effects, and you can choose the mode you need in accordance with your oral issue.In each mode, the intensity can be adjusted individually, press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

3. High-frequency Motor: The brush head is equipped with high-frequency motor and provides 360 degree multi-dimensional cleaning, so that the tooth foam can penetrate into the teeth gap and deeply clean the mouth.

4. 30s Zone Change Reminder: If the brush works on your teeth for 30s, it will remind you to change the cleaning zone so that all of your teeth can be brushed and cleaned well.

5. 2-min Automatic Shutdown: The electric toothbrush support auto-off time setting. After constantly brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, the toothbrush will automatically shutdown,


Mode: N100

Color: Pink, White, Green,Black

Material: ABS

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery: 18650-3.7V 500mAH

Charging Time: 4h

Weight: 107g

Product Size: 220*25mm

Package Size: 225*90*27mm

Working Mode: 6 types of modes

Functions: 30s zone change reminder, 2min auto-off timer, fully waterproof

Electric tooth irrigator

Due to the upgraded packaging, new and old packaging will be shipped randomly. They are the same high quality. Thanks for your understanding.


1. The tooth cleaner can effectively reduce food residues, bacteria and dirt, help people improve oral condition and maintain oral health, ideal for implants, or those who wear braces or retainers;
2. The oral irrigator has 3 modes to choose from, including soft, strong and pulse mode. Use 2-3 times a day to prevent tooth decay / gum recession / bleeding gums / calculus, etc.
3. Water spray toothpick IPX7 waterproof, 220ml water tank design, long service life, convenient for daily use, no need for secondary filling;
4. Intelligent power-off protection: the device will automatically shut down if there is no operation for 2 minutes.


Material: food grade ABS
Color: white, pink
Size: 28.1*6*6cm
Weight: 400 grams

Packing list:

1* Water Flosser
4* Cleaning head
1* User Manual



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