USB Wired Keyboard Mouse Set 104 Keys Backlight Gaming Keyboard Gaming Mouse For Laptop PC Computer


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• 104 Keys :Enjoy a full-size keyboard with 104 keys, providing ample space for typing and gaming.

• Backlight :The backlight feature illuminates the keys, making it easier to type and game in low-light conditions.

• Conductive Rubber :The conductive rubber operation style ensures a responsive and accurate typing experience.

• Wired Connection :The wired connection ensures a stable and reliable connection between the keyboard and mouse, eliminating any lag or delay.


1. Keyboard size: L430*W125*H30mm

2. Keyboard weight: 470±0.05g

3. keyboard keys: 104 keys

4. Keyboard interface: USB interface

5. Waterproof function: support waterproof

6. Whether to support ergonomics: support


1. Floating button, stronger sense of paragraph

2. Ultra-thin design, delicate and lightweight

3. Game-specific chip, play whatever you want

4. Cool rainbow light effect

5. Good waterproof performance

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